Unlimited scope for design in lighting, higher energy efficiency and reduced life cycle costs due to the worldwide standard for home and building control.

Whether it is in Terminal 5 of Heathrow airport or an ambitious house on Lake Zurich, a uniformed standard for the control of different devices within a building would make the implementation of innovative and complex architectural ideas much simpler. Here, the failure-free and cross functional networked operation as well as the economical usage of energy are important criteria for the cost effectiveness of such buildings. Standard electronic installations alone can only fulfil these requirements to a certain extent, while also requiring increased work and material input. Planners and investors, therefore, increasingly choose home and building system technology based on the international standardized KNX (formally EIB). By using cross functional sensors and actuators the heating, air-conditioning and safety installations can be operated in a convenient, cost-effective and exceedingly flexible network system, which can also be expanded at any time.