Lighting and sun blinds also work together: either the blinds block the sun to prevent the room from overheating or they allow the sun’s warmth to heat the room to save heating energy. The lighting would also be dimmed dependent on the sun blinds’ position. Also, the position of the windows, whether open or closed, as well as the number of people in the room would be detected influencing the control of both heating and lighting. In terms of the integrated building system technology a security system can be installed via KNX. Over the bus it would be indicated if doors or windows were closed, if equipment was switched off, if unwanted guests were in the building or if a fire had broken out. Besides being used in lighting, sun blinds, heating, audio/video, metering, security and energy management, KNX can also be implemented for the building’s own internal communication system. Over designer touch panels all relevant home and building states are indicated. Additionally, data can be transmitted externally via an interface to a superior control system for security or maintenance services. Problems or breakdowns can, therefore, quickly be resolved.