Control switches

Technology in the modern home is evolving faster than ever, creating enormous opportunities along the way. However, this can lead to complicated systems. Maybe too complicated. We want to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant both in its form and in its functionality. To enhance the comfort of a modern home.

All our products operate according to a global and open standard for home automation. The open source code structure enables hundreds of international manufacturers to develop compatible products that work in the same system. This offers great flexibility and freedom to choose from a wide range of products.

The integrated LED backlight makes the buttons visible in the dark and can also be used for status feedback.

All switches come in three different function setups: 4-3-2

The unique combination of features and attractive appearance has made aluminum and its alloys among the most adaptable materials in engineering and industrial design.

Copper, bronze and brass all have a classic look for a reason. The widely known quality and beauty of these elements perfectly blend them with any style of interior.

Easy maintenance and irreplaceable beauty of unique shapes make glass one of the most popular materials in all rooms, from hallways and living rooms to bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Number of funtions: 4/3/2
  • Multi touch functions: 1