DANAPAD V3 – PIN keypad

The Danapad V3 is a wireless PIN keypad for unlocking the door with a PIN and smart Danalock lock. The Danapad product features a minimalist body design. The aesthetic Danish design blends seamlessly into the environment and seamlessly fits into any front door. It is an elegant and secure wireless unlocking solution. The product has a built-in advanced data transmission algorithm (AES 256), which increases the security of its use.

The numbers on the PIN keypad are illuminated by LED lights that discreetly illuminate when entering the code.

Danalock Keypad PIN access to your apartment will be quick and easy for anyone you have assigned a PIN code to.

Danapad connects to the Danalock smart lock via Bluetooth. For this reason, Danapad must always be within the Bluetooth range of connectivity to the Danalock lock. After entering the appropriate PIN on the Danapad PIN keypad and pressing the “unlock” sign, a signal is triggered which rotates the mechanical motor built into the Danalock lock and thus unlocks the door. The advantage of PIN is that it can be canceled and created at any time.

The Danapad PIN keypad is designed for external use. It’s case can adapt to most extreme weather conditions. Low or high temperatures, rain, snow, fog, even salt in the air (for the seaside areas) can not damage Danapad. Be assured.

  • Power: 4 x AAA baterije
  • Communication: Bluetooth 4.2
  • PIN : 4-10 digits
  • Memory: 20 different codes