DANALOCK V3 – Smart lock

The lock with sophisticated design comes from a Danish manufacturer who wanted to simplify a smart lock and improve its usability. Danalock has a typical Danish elegant design and fits perfectly with the existing door handle and door. Danalock V3 is compatible with your existing door lock and most door types – EURO, Scandi, Assa 2000, US. With Danalock you are upgrading your existing lock from the inside.

The Danalock V3 smart lock allows you to unlock the door with a smartphone on your Android or iOS operating system. Using a digital key, you can grant access to anyone – any family member or guest you host. It is suitable for daily arrival and departure or for one time access. The lock preserves the benefits of classic keyhole opening while adding the convenience of mobile home unlocking with an app on your smartphone (Android, Apple).

Danalock smart lock is a motor lock that works completely independently. It doesn’t require cable power or Wi-Fi access.

The smart lock uses batteries (4 x CR123A) for its power supply, which need to be replaced about once a year.

If your lock looks different from the ones listed above, the adjustable cylinder we offer is compatible with different locks due to its adaptive parts. It is suitable for commonly used locks with Euro cylinder. The Danalock cylinder is adjustable in width and therefore compatible with different door widths.

The communication Danalock V3 uses is Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0.).

  • Automatic unlock
  • Flexible access
  • Digital key
  • Access notification