Advanced – Touch panel

Using cutting-edge technology, this touch panel lets you control your living environment – lighting, air, cameras, alarms, intercoms, blinds, and more.

With this panel, all ages in the family can easily control lighting, heating-cooling, blinds, activate a burglar alarm, monitor cameras or use the intercom to speak with incoming guests.

Helping you experience comfort in your home, this panel is designed to meet all your needs using a single interface. Adding elegance to the chosen aesthetics of your space, this product becomes an essential part of your home.

Comes in three color options

Some of the panel features are:

  • The panel uses an innovative approach to protect your safety. Even if you are not at home, if an alarm sounds, you will be alerted or the staff available to guard your space.
  • Whether you are abroad or at home, the panel will protect you from fire, flood, gas leakage or burglary by providing alarms.
  • You can use your touch panel to communicate with external intercom units and to open an apartment or house door.
  • Everything you can do on your touch panel, you can do on your smartphone as well.
  • You can turn on, off, dim lights, or create light groups within an intelligent home automation system.
  • You can control all types of air conditioners, underfloor units, radiators, combi boilers and fans in your area and decide the number of hours of operation through this panel. You can also turn on/off the HVAC system through an app on the way home.
  • Enjoy the comfort of operating a curtain system in your home. You can bring curtains and other blinds to the desired positions with a single tap on the panel.