Buildings that are energy efficiently planned and operated are no longer unique. Even the description “an intelligent building” is beginning to lose its exotic nature. Both trends are presently revolutionising the increasingly ambitious architecture and setting a course in the worldwide fight against climate change. In reality, energy conversation in the building sector has, to [...]


Kada netko razmišlja o projektiranju elektrotehničkih sustava u zgradi, zapravo razmišlja o KNX-u. To uključuje mogućnost upravljanja roletama i sjenilima, sustavom rasvjete, audio sustavom, sustavom grijanja, sustavom klimatizacije i ostalim sustavima u zgradi. Postojeće studije dokazuju da primjena KNX tehnologije može značajno smanjiti troškove energije, cak I do 50%. Poptuno automatizirana kuća često se spominje [...]


Unlimited scope for design in lighting, higher energy efficiency and reduced life cycle costs due to the worldwide standard for home and building control. Whether it is in Terminal 5 of Heathrow airport or an ambitious house on Lake Zurich, a uniformed standard for the control of different devices within a building would make the [...]


The KNX home and building system technology is today already revolutionising traditional building utilities. This is shown by increased implementation in both new and renovated buildings. Industrial, business, public and private properties have been fitted with this technology for more than 15 years. Often during construction planning the subsequent usage and future modified space requirements [...]


While in operation the strengths of the system are clearly visible: be it through higher operating reliability; almost unlimited possibilities in building control; due to increasing communication demands; or security and energy efficiency. KNX intelligently solves issues dealing with the reduction of energy requirements: the goal being the individual room control of heating and air-conditioning. [...]


Lighting and sun blinds also work together: either the blinds block the sun to prevent the room from overheating or they allow the sun’s warmth to heat the room to save heating energy. The lighting would also be dimmed dependent on the sun blinds’ position. Also, the position of the windows, whether open or closed, [...]


Additionally, KNX reduces wiring requirements and the associated risk of fire. The bus technology can be correctly implemented from the beginning compensating for its own costs. The investment alone can be written off after a short period of time as a result of reduced energy and operating costs, increased income from rents, additional comfort and [...]


Behind the KNX home and building system technology is the KNX Association with a membership of over 400 firms. This major manufacturer association ensures a wide range of available products, which are one hundred percent compatible. All products carrying the KNX logo are accredited according to uniform technical and quality guidelines set out by the [...]