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Hotel automation basis

We bring energy to buildings as well as the people in them – whether it is modern residential units, any type of hotel or revolutionary industrial buildings. Energy is more to us than that contained in cables. Why? Because it forms the basis for a comfortable life. The only correct way to create an environment where people want to spend more time is to ensure that all technological components are seamlessly integrated and communicate with one another. If at the same time the costs are under control, then each hotel becomes a successful business venture.

Nowadays, architecture is not just four walls. New luxury hotels are pushing the boundaries of the imaginable, and at the same time, the demands of guests – whether on business or leisure trips, are increasing.

Today, it is not enough to have a comfortable place to sleep, the essence is to experience a hotel stay as an experience. Technology in the rooms forms the necessary foundation, while appliances and controls become part of the architecture. Everything is at your fingertips.
hotelska automatizacija

Relaxed Guests – Relaxed Management

How to get the perfect hotel? What people in the building can feel and experience are key elements.

hotelska automatizacija

If you operate a hotel, you must be able to fully rely on the complex technology in the building every second and every following day. You have confidence in emergency power supplies, analyzing and correcting errors. Everything is intertwined – from the technology in the primary energy distribution system to the elements for managing individual systems. You will be pleased to know that your guests are fully protected at all times.

COMPLETE COMFORT – Best reason to come back.

The only way to create a homey atmosphere in a room is to create a composition of several light sources. Balanced light fascinates and inspires guests. Moreover, different light sources can be controlled and automated into whole scenes. Daylight also contributes to said composition. The curtains automatically move depending on the position of the sun.

The way to the hotel room is a business card of every hotel. The first impressions to be counted are: clarity, orientation, visibility, kindness, help and safety in case of emergency. The whole atmosphere is new to the guest and therefore all functionality must be understood to the fullest extent possible. As a result, various features are available that work subtly but effectively in the background. STEALTH SERVICE for endless possibilities.

What is the number of possible solutions?

There are always new solutions to the increasingly demanding guest needs and growing profit expectations. Managers and staff can count on smart systems for everyone. Each individual product provides exactly what is needed now and in the future – for every concept, for every hotel.

Dim the light, adjust room temperature and drapes, change entire light scenes with one swipe of your finger, read your emails, get traffic and weather information, and of course choose your favorite music. The highest level of functionality contained within an elegant design.

FIRST CLASS – Full connection

In the premium sector, what is on offer has to be premium. There should be nothing missing from what guests would like to use.

If you offer an expensive apartment, the technical options must be at the highest level for both leisure and business trips. By this we mean unlimited information and entertainment functionality in the reception area, the sleeping area, even in the bathroom, as well as fast internet with the best reception in all areas systematically designed for every architectural style.

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