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Technology in the modern home is evolving faster than ever, creating enormous opportunities along the way. However, it can lead to complicated systems. We want to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant, both in form and function. Reduced to their essence by enhancing the comfort of a modern home.

KNX is the global standard for home automation. Its open source structure enables hundreds of international manufacturers to develop KNX compatible products that work within the same system. It offers great flexibility to its users as well as the freedom to choose from a wide range of products and an international network of certified installers by the KNX organization.

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For everyday use. A smart home offers maximum comfort. It can be controlled via controls on the wall and even through a smartphone or tablet. This opens up completely new possibilities for home automation, which cannot be implemented with conventional switches. In addition, the system can continuously adapt to changing requirements. In this way, we guarantee a secure future.

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Today, intelligent building automation is an integral part of modern electrical installation. The house is perceived as a living space and needs to be adapted to individual needs.

Here, too, the benefits of a online-operating home are obvious: a camera, lighting or air system can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet – even while traveling. What is also important is the right data protection, to minimize risks and prevent unwanted outcomes.

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Exclusive design is one thing – inner values are other. They provide a high degree of flexibility and automatically create the right atmosphere: a composition of lighting, warmth and sound that always matches the appropriate mood or individual requirements of specific rooms or the entire home.

Intelligence creates free space and revitalizes your home day after day. Whether it is to improve energy efficiency, individual comfort or a sense of well-being. Innovative work concepts make it possible to intuitively create a whole new culture of experience and the house is presented in a very personal light.

There is a saying in the world of energy management: “Nothing is cheaper than OFF.” In other words, when the system is off, it costs you nothing. Zero dollars is the cheapest it can be, so your home automation system will look for ways to turn off the HVAC while maintaining your comfort level.

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Dinner, movie watching, or just relaxing – during different activities or inactivity, you will be able to enjoy different perceptions of perfect lighting, room temperature, and general surroundings. With the function of scenarios programmed according to your routines and daily activities, the desired atmosphere is accessible at the touch of a button.

Eyes and Ears – Feel protected

If unauthorized persons are in your home, the camera notices this movement and not only starts recording, but also switches on the lighting and television via KNX and starts playing sounds (eg dog barking, voices, etc.) using the HI-FI system. There is no limit to your imagination. Take the distraction to a whole new level.

If you want to enjoy the garden, deactivate motion detection and / or activate your surveillance camera’s private zone masks. Residents become designers, understanding their own requirements for safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

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