Who are we?

Standard Solutions is the new face on regional landscape. The idea of founding was created in response to the permanent need of the population for a better quality of life, enhanced sense of security and comfort, all with wish for constant improvement and transfer of experience and world trends to our territories. Our system integrator has twenty-five years of experience in the automation of business and residential buildings across the European and African continents.

From effective building management, intelligent security system management to advanced lighting, multimedia and air quality management.

What do we do?

1. Design and system planning
2. Electrical installation
3. Components and device procurement
4. Programming components and devices
5. Testing components and devices
6. Marking and addressing components and devices
7. Commissioning
8. Preparation of system documentation

Integration of multiple systems and subsystems:

1. KNX
2. BACNet
3. ModBus
5. OPC
6. MICROS/Fidelio and Protel
7. Vingcard

8. Kaba
9. Salto
10. HTTP Server
11. WEB Service Gateways
12. DALI
13. EnOcean
14. DMX
15. M-Bus

What are the benefits of smart systems?

When one thinks about designing electrical systems in a building, they are actually thinking about BUS systems. This includes the ability to operate shutters, lighting systems, audio-video systems, heating systems, air-conditioning systems and other building systems from one centralized point. Existing studies prove that using KNX technology can significantly reduce energy costs, even by up to 50%.

A fully automated facility is often referred to in the context of managing systems that are associated with energy consumption such as e.g. lighting, heating, ventilation, and adapted to the requirements of the user. About 33% of the total energy consumption of residential and commercial buildings is used for heating. Reducing such high power consumption below this level is only possible with the use of an intelligent control system such as BUS technology.

If any of your projects require automation, Standard Solutions deals with the integration of multiple systems and subsystems. Through consultation with our system integrator and according to your needs and capabilities, we can easily determine which of the above systems delivers the most optimal solution for your needs.

Secured future and functionality within technical standards:

IEC62386 International DALI standard / EN50090 Standard for electrical and electronic appliances in residential and commercial buildings. / EN13321 International building automation standard. / ISO14543-3 International standard for device control in residential and commercial buildings. / EN 15232 International standard for building automation impact, building control and management.